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• Lectures, Presentations
• Agricultural Processes, Inventions, and Patents
• Memorials
• Video Editing

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In October of 2005 General Vineyard Services called us to be on alert to video the harvesting of the grape crop in the Salinas Valley, here in California. “When the grapes are at their peak we’ll call you” they said.

We video taped part of their harvesting process, documenting how the harvesters and gondolas manuever the narrow row technology they have developed. The harvest was at night to keep the fruit temperature cool for delivery overnight to wineries in the California area.

California Rodeo

The California Rodeo is pleased to announce the 2016 Cowboy Music & Poetry Gathering to be held Sunday July 17th at Sherwood Hall. Last year we captured Gary Allegretto and Amaya Rose as part of the entertainment.


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